About Us

Welcome to Spectra, one of the premiere HR Solutions Company engaged in offering customized solutions for all kinds of HR services. Spectra Outsource Solutions Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2006, by Qualified team of individuals with vast experience providing HR Solutions under ONE SHOP.

Our mission is to strengthen the performance of our customers by providing the right talent as per the specified requirements, through technology and innovation to complete the “CUSTOMER DELGHT EXPERIENCE”.

Combining the technology and domain knowledge, we are focused to deliver value in the area of human resources. Therefore, we capitalize on our strengths by embracing the Value Systems.

The organizations, with the skilled people are the foundation of true, long lasting competitive differentiation. Therefore, for the success of any organization, recruitment of the right and competent people is primary. Companies need to attract and retain these essential resources. Finding the right match is an all-time effort and it is here that we come into picture & assist our client organizations to find the right people in minimum possible time.

We at Spectra enables you to place your HR processes in our expert hands, so you can focus on meeting the business objectives.

Solution Overview: